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Your vacuum pump plays an important role in the cleanliness and presentation of your workplace. Therefore, when your vacuum isn’t working properly, it’s easy for you, your workers, and your clients to notice. As a fully-stocked vacuum pump distributor in Morgan Hill, CA, we offer all the new and replacement vacuum pumps and parts that you need to keep your workplace looking great. And don’t forget: we also offer vacuum pump repair services. Contact a member of our team today for more information.

The Industry’s Top Brands

Here at Technovac, we are proud to have partnered with the leading brands and manufacturers in the vacuum industry, including:

• CTI™
• Varian™
• Ebarra™
• Alcatel™
• Balzer™
• Leybold™
• Edwards™
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Strict Quality Control

Whether you’re purchasing new or refurbished equipment, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve implemented the strictest levels of quality control. All of our refurbished and remanufactured equipment undergo extensive testing to ensure proper functionality and guarantee that it meets or exceeds the specifications listed by OEM. Additionally, we apply these strict standards when handling vacuum pump repairs to ensure that your pump is in peak condition. Regardless of the job, we perform all our service work in clean-room environments to remove the possibility of pump contamination.

We Can Provide Your Wholesale Vacuum Cleaning System in Morgan Hill, CA

There are many reasons why you’d love a wholesale vacuum cleaning system in Morgan Hill, CA. Here are some of the benefits you may not have thought of yet:

  • Less Vacuum Noise

A wholesale vacuum cleaning system is located away from the living area. Most power units are installed in the garage or basement or mechanical room of a house, so the sound is dampened by the building’s layout. This means vacuuming does not cover up the doorbell, the telephone, your conversations, TV, or music.

  • Simple To Use

The lightweight hoses of a wholesale vacuum cleaning system plug into the wall and are ready. How simple is that? There’s also a variety of cleaning attachments.

  • Extremely Powerful

A wholesale vacuum cleaning system has motors that can be five times more powerful than a portable vacuum cleaner.

  • Removal Of Dirt And Allergens

A major benefit of installing a wholesale vacuum cleaning system is getting the dirt and allergens out of your living area. This can be enhanced further by having your power unit vented outdoors.

  • Affordable And Adds Value

A wholesale vacuum cleaning system is now more affordable than most people think, and they are a smart investment in your home. Don't waste your money and time on portable vacuum cleaners when a wholesale vacuum cleaning system can add value to your property.