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When in search of an accomplished vacuum repair company in Morgan Hill, CA, you can rely on the team at Technovac. Our experts are leaders in vacuum pump repair and will ensure that your facility remains safe and productive.

Servicing Vacuum Pumps Reliably & Effectively

At Technovac , we are proud to be a trusted and respected company. With decades of experience, we are leaders in exact and cost-effective vacuum repair. For your convenience, we are also experts in an incredible range of pumps. These include wet, dry, semiconductor, industrial, blowers, scrolls, and turbos. Come to us for professional assistance with:

• Cryogenic Pumps
• Mechanical & Dry Pumps
• Remanufactured Pump Modules • Turbo Pumps

Your Knowledgeable Repair Support Team

At Technovac, we understand the demands made by your strict production requirements. With a growing customer base, you need adequate repair support -- and that’s where we come in. With reliable, around-the-clock support, we make sure you get back up-and-running in no time. Should the parts in question not be repairable, our array of cost-effective equipment replacements ensures you stay productive. When you find yourself saying, in frustration, “My vacuum stopped working!” you know who to call.

Service Areas

When you experience vacuum pump failure, our vacuum equipment repair team will be at your facility promptly. Based in Morgan Hill, CA, we are proud to serve throughout Northern, Central, and Southern California, as well as Nevada. We offer 24/7 emergency services, bringing our expertise right to you whenever you need it. Call today!

Where Safety is Paramount

At Technovac, we have the proper equipment required to repair vacuum pumps, which are often used in toxic applications. Our detoxification process capably handles any pump contaminated by hazardous gases or chemicals.

Cleaned in a specially designed cleaning area, pumps are meticulously torn apart and washed in a hot, rotating washer. In this way, grease, pump fluids, and neutralized gases and chemicals are removed. The residual fluid and chemicals are disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations.

Contact Technovac when you need prompt and reliable vacuum pump repair services. Rely on us in Morgan Hill, CA, and beyond.